Hydro- Seeding and Hydro-mulching are commonly used techniques for establishing seeded varieties of turf grasses, wildflowers and ground covers and Hydro-stolonising is a variation on this technique.

Traditionally, stolons (a living part of the grass plant that is able to produce roots and leaves) are harvested and then planted mechanically or by hand. Either method uses the assumption that a disc and roller are the best method of making stolons root.

The technique, however, is not without limitations. If there are rocks in the soil, discing tends to ruin equipment and leave the stolon on the surface. Some types of soils will gum up the discs when wet. Higher stolon planting rates are often necessary to assure survival rates of only 40-60% in harsh environments. Too many stolons are either buried too deep or dry out, resting unprotected on the soil.

Mechanical planters also are not effective when planting near slopes, cart paths or bunkers, necessitating some hand planting or spot sodding to fill in these areas.

Irrigation systems almost always suffer damage from mechanical planters, no matter how careful the operator.

Evergreen Power Seeding Pty Ltd uses the more effective hydro-stolonising method. Water, fertilizer, stolons (or seed) and fibre mulch are mixed in our vehicle tanks, then applied to the site with a hose or tower-mounted spray gun. Agitation keeps the slurry uniformly mixed until it can be sprayed, fully hydrating fibre and stolons in the process.

Once sprayed in place, the hydro-stolonising technique produces superior results.

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and after power re-seeding.

before re-seeding after re-seeding

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