Re-vegetation is the process of replanting and rebuilding the soil of disturbed land.

We at Evergreen Power Seeding are very experienced in researching the environmental conditions specific to the area we are undertaking to re-vegetate. All contracts are assessed according to the soil, the landscape and the environmental conditions and to provide sustainability into the future.

Some of our contracts involve Mine Reclamation which often includes soil amendment, replacement, stabilisation or creation, particularly for areas that have been strip mined or have suffered severe erosion or soil compaction.

We (Revegetation specialists & soil stabilisation contractors in Brisbane) use only the very best fertilisers, grasses, stolons, mulches, and those native plants which are ideally suited for that particular environment.

Buffer Vegetation

Areas of low intensity use that are suitable for a permanent vegetation buffer are ideal for native hydro seeding.

• Roadside Batters
• Mining Sites
• Coastal Zones
• Quarry Restoration
• National Parks

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