Top Soiling


Hydraulic topsoil services

Evergreen Power Seeding provides a professional and high-quality hydraulic topsoil service to construction, mining and civil engineering sites, as well as owners and managers of land that has been severely disturbed or degraded. The addition of topsoil helps to repair the land and promote revegetation, allowing the regrowth of natural flora and reducing the potential for soil erosion and further degradation.

Why is top soiling necessary?

Top soiling is the application of a thick layer of healthy soil that enhances the growth of vegetation in degraded land. It’s necessary because large construction and mining sites can often strip the soil of its natural physical and biochemical properties. These degraded soils are left lacking in moisture, nutrients, organic matter and biological activity, resulting in erosion and further loss of soil.

The addition of water and fertiliser is not sufficient to promote re-vegetation over these large tracts of degraded land. Instead, this disturbed land requires a more intensive treatment, one that provides all the elements that are missing from the soil.

What is hydraulic topsoil?

Also known as Hydraulic Biotic Soil Amendments (HBSAs) or Biotic Soil Amendments (BSAs), hydraulic topsoil is a slurry, typically composed of both soil building and soil enhancing chemicals, as well as organic and natural fibres. This hydraulic topsoil helps to increase the nutrient and water holding capacity of the soil. This creates an environment conducive to the establishment of beneficial microorganisms, helping to improve the soil structure and increase its organic components.

The aim of this hydraulic topsoil slurry is to provide everything that’s needed by the degraded soil to enhance the germination of seeds and the long term nutrient cycling required to sustain this growth. Once applied to your degraded land, this slurry will promote the establishment of sustainable revegetation across the area.

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