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Dust Suppression

Dust Suppression Services

Evergreen Power Seeding provides a range of dust control solutions to construction, mining and civil engineering sites, as well as landowners and managers. Dust suppression is particularly relevant when the land has been deforested, eroded and the soil exposed to the elements.

These conditions lead to soil erosion due to wind, rain and flooding. In dry environments this erosion often results in large expanses of airborne soil particles. These airborne dust particles can be exacerbated by the frequent movement of trucks, Utes and 4WDs on exposed soil, as well as along unsealed roads.

Why is a dust suppression system important?

Road dust suppression, whether on construction, mining or civil engineering sites, even along unsealed roads, is of particular concern in Australia. These concerns exist in both urban and remote areas where some form of construction or mining work is taking place on land that has become exposed to the elements.

The problem is twofold, first there’s the issue of airborne soil particles that can cause serious health and safety concerns for workers on the site and members of the public in the vicinity. Second, there’s the excessive water that is often used as a temporary dust suppression measure. This water is often purchased and transported into the sites, particularly in more remote areas. Costs for this water can be significant. A dust suppression system is the perfect solution for these situations.

Our dust control solutions are designed to reduce the emission of dust from these exposed sites, protect workers and any nearby members of the public, save the excessive use of water and reduce your overall costs.


We provide a range of extremely cost effective and efficient dust control solutions that are customised to your specific needs and the requirements of the site. These solutions are generally a combination of a dust suppression system, along with an erosion and soil stabilisation solutions using specialised products. An on-site visit will help us to tailor a customised solution, specific to your requirements.

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