Effective control of soil erosion

Evergreen Power Seeding specialises in the prevention and management of soil erosion for construction, mining and civil engineering sites, as well as land managers and owners. Soil erosion is a natural process that can, however, be exacerbated due to many land use factors. Some of these factors include deforestation, overgrazing and construction processes. Control of soil erosion and protection of our natural resources are important to all Australians.

Prevention of soil erosion

Prevention of soil erosion on your land is vital to not only the fertility of the soil, but also to the reduction of sedimentation in our waterways that can lead to loss of wildlife. Flooding is also another result of soil erosion, as the ability of the soil to hold water is diminished. All of this means that erosion control is vital to the health of our soil, waterways and fauna.

Soil erosion solutions

Our soil erosion solutions comprise a variety of proven techniques and erosion control products to help you protect and regenerate your land. We can customise any of these erosion control products or techniques to suit your exact requirements.

  • Hydro seeding and re-fertilising: A slurry composed of seed and fertiliser is applied to the land to restart the growth of land cover. This provides a significant measure of erosion control, particularly slope erosion control as the new growth protects the soil from degradation.
  • Revegetation: To promote a sustainable environment, we use plants that are well-suited to the environment and help to stabilise the soil. These plants can include stolons and grasses, as well as other native species.
  • Soil stabilisation: Soil amendment and soil stabilisation are often required in areas that have been severely degraded, such as old strip mines or heavily deforested land.
  • Bonded fibre matrix: Our slope erosion solutions can also include the application of a bonded fibre mix applied to unstable areas that are likely to be eroded in the future if remediation is not initiated.

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