Straw mulching services

Hay or straw mulching is a system whereby seed and fertilizer is applied to areas in one pass then the second pass is hay or straw mulch mechanically applied with modern equipment.

The mulch is applied as a separate operation and is blown on by a Straw Mulching Machine towed by a Four Wheel Drive tractor and haybuster.

This process is very effective in areas of low rainfall and slopes with little or no topsoil. The layer of straw creates an ideal eco environment for germinating flora.


The mulch material drastically reduces the speed of surface water passing over sloping areas during heavy rainfall and remains intact until such time as the root system of the vegetation has developed. The mulch protects the soil surface from wind and water erosion, birds and other predators, reduces evaporation and sediment run-off and stabilises soil temperature.

Spray on blankets

These are comprised of a geotextile fabric used for the purpose of erosion control and are an economically viable permeable product which allow moisture and sunlight to reach the earth underneath, thereby playing an ecologically sensitive role. They are capable of performing under the toughest of conditions and are useful for many construction applications.

Erosion Control Blankets are temporary products that are intended to degrade once vegetation has been established.

Native flora revegetation

Native Seeding

As a result of the disturbance to our natural bushland caused by increasing land requirements, re-vegetation using the seed of Australian native species is becoming increasingly important in restoration works.

Hydro seeding with native species is a fast and cost-efficient way of re-vegetating denuded areas; especially on the steep and inaccessible slopes, where other methods of vegetation establishment would be difficult and costly.


The native seed mix can be applied with or without an exotic grass “nurse” crop. Each site should be individually assessed to determine the appropriate re-vegetation method.

These may be:

Hydro Mulching: Seed, fertilizer and cellulose slurry applied by a Hydro Seeding machine.

Hydro Seeding and Straw Mulch: Seed and fertilizer applied by Hydro Seeding machine; protective mulch applied by a Straw Mulcher.

Areas of low intensity use that are suitable for a permanent vegetation buffer are ideal for native hydro seeding.

  • Roadside Batters

  • Mining Sites

  • Coastal Zones

  • Quarry Restoration

  • National Parks


  • Assist in erosion control

  • Low long-term maintenance – as the shading effects of growing plants inhibits weed and grass growth.

  • Drought tolerant-native species are adapted to Australia’s extremes in climate.

  • Extending the local flora in harmony with the locality and as a habitat for bird and animal life.

  • Once established forms a self-regenerating eco-system.





Native Planting



Dust suppressants

Our experienced staff are able to offer a totally economical, superior and effective dust control solution to the industries and situations which require it, such as mine haul roads and civil roadworks.

As no two sites or situations are identical, we at Evergreen Power Seeding can develop individual solutions for your dust control, erosion and stabilisation problems using specialised products.