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Hydro Mulching Services

Evergreen Power Seeding provides high quality hydro mulching services for construction, mining and civil engineering sites, as well as to land owners and managers who need to control or prevent erosion. Hydro mulching is an effective and proven technique for covering large tracts of land quickly with vegetation. It’s ideal for revegetating hillsides and areas with a significant gradient, as well as hard to access areas and flat expanses.

What is Hydromulch?

Hydromulch is a slurry comprised of seed, fertiliser, cellulosic mulch (a derivative of cellulose), binders, dyes and water. It is applied to the land from a hydroseeding truck that keeps the slurry agitated, ensuring an even coverage of the land. Depending on the size of the hydroseeding truck, the slurry can be sprayed up to 100 metres.

Hydro mulching is very similar to Hydro Seeding hydro seeding with the only difference being the addition of mulch to the former method. This mulch is important, because it provides not only a growth medium, but also a protective layer over the seeds, as well as helping to conserve moisture in the soil. All of these factors help to promote the growth of the seeds, much of which would otherwise be washed away in the rain, eaten by birds or dehydrated due to loss of moisture from the soil.

The addition of binders to the slurry also increases the stability of the mix, providing a short-term measure that controls soil erosion. The hydromulch used for your project will include a special blend of hydro mulch grass seed that’s been specifically selected to meet the conditions of your land.


As professional hydromulching contractors, we use our expertise and knowledge to create a soil erosion prevention and control program that suits your land’s needs perfectly. This involves both a site visit and extensive research so that we can fully address all your concerns. Our hydromulch costs are very reasonable and highly competitive and will be based on a comprehensive assessment of your specific requirements.

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Evergreen Power Seeding provide hydro mulching services North Queensland, South Queensland, Queensland Tablelands, Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. For a free quote and expert advice on hydromulching & Its prices, contact our Erosion control experts & environmental specialist Brisbane at 0428 612 789 or email at matt@graciecontracting.com.au
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