Hydroseeding is a planting process which utilizes a slurry of seed and mulch. The slurry is sprayed over prepared ground in a uniform layer. Hydroseeding is an alternative to the traditional process of broadcasting or sowing dry seed. It promotes quick germination and inhibits soil erosion.

The mulch in the hydroseed mixture helps maintain the moisture level of the seed and seedlings. The slurry often has other ingredients including fertilizer, tackifying agents, green dye and other additives.

Starting a lawn by hydroseeding is considerably cheaper than laying sod/turf and quicker than using seed. It is also used to spread mixtures of wildflower and tree/shrub seeds or turf grasses for erosion control. The process is called stolonising (or hydro-stolonising) when the slurry contains stolons or rhizomes instead of seed.

Bonded Fibre Matrix

A Bonded Fibre Matrix, or blended fibre mulching is composed of a specially formulated compound mixed with water and seed to form a slurry that is pumped onto the area to be grassed.

The mixture forms a bonded fibre matting that conforms perfectly to even irregular ground surfaces, providing a 100% coverage that protects against wind and rain erosion and bird attack.

After 24 hours the fibre matrix is dry and provides a very beneficial micro climate for germinating seeds, with excellent water retention properties as well as low rainfall runoff characteristics.

The bonded fibre matrix system is non toxic and can be sprayed directly over existing vegetation, often without any prior site preparation.

Because it is less labour intensive than conventional erosion control matting products, this spray on bonding fibre matrix system is considered the state of the art option for its lower costs and superior results across a wide range of applications.

The mixture can be modified to suit particular applications, so it can be used as a weed suppressant, or to establish specific plant habitats, such as native grasses or ground cover.

Hydro seeding is a fast and economic system of establishing vegetation on sloping areas inaccessible to conventional equipment.

Fertiliser, lime and seed are mixed together in water in a specially designed machine with a pumping system and agitation equipment which re-circulates the materials, thus keeping them in a permanent suspension before application.

The resultant slurry is then applied to the soil surface by high pressure jet, either direct from the machine, or if access is a problem, the seed slurry can be pumped through hoses up to a distance of 200 metres.

Hydroseeding Applications

  • Roadside Banks or Batters
  • Sporting Fields - Golf, Bowls,
  • Parks
  • Sand Dune Stabilisation
  • Quarries and Mines
  • Factory gardens
  • Residential Lawns

Benefits of Hydroseeding

  • Low Cost
  • Fast and efficient application
  • Higher percentage of germination
  • Reduced wind and water erosion
  • Ideal on steep slopes
  • Rapid seed growth
  • Dust suppression

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